FAMSCO gathers useful medical, emergency care, educational and other equipment and supplies for use by needy communities in developing countries.


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What does FAMSCO mean?

The Fire and Medical Supply Company (FAMSCO) was founded in 1990 by the Rotarians of District 6000 of Iowa, USA in cooperation with District 4250 of Central America (Guatemala, Honduras and Belize). FAMSCO’s original purpose was to collect donated firefighting and medical vehicles, equipment, and supplies to be shipped to and distributed in Central America. Fire trucks, ambulances, and a number of school buses were shipped to Central America (see some examples by going to our News section and scrolling down the page to historical photos) for use by professional and volunteer fire departments. Equipment shipped included firefighting equipment (coats, pants, boots, tools, hoses, pumps, etc.) and a broad range of medical equipment including X-Ray machines, dental chairs and sterilizing suites as well as simple equipment including wheelchairs, crutches and bedpans, and everything in between. Medical supplies such as bed linens, surgical instruments, surgical scrubs, patient gowns, blankets and other consumables have made up a part of every shipment. To date, more than 100 vehicles and over three hundred tons of equipment and supplies have been shipped by FAMSCO to Central America and distributed by Rotarians there.

As our work evolved, and international shipping became more difficult in a post 9/11 world, we are no longer shipping vehicles. Our focus is now purely on equipment and supplies to be used by fire and medical teams.